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The Third Eye



The shots published in this book are typical of Alex Agor's elastic attitude. The world is an absurd and merry place as he climbs out on a fence, in order to catch a Hasidic marriage ceremony through a window. And opposite that marriage he prints, as a kind of visual counterpoint, a shot of a Hasidic male, going to Bat-Yam's seashore in his underthings. The world is also a pretty frightening, even soul-shaking place and that's why Alex goes back to the operating theater, one week after being operated upon, in order to catch the surgeons at work. Besides this sharp and practical shot he gives us a long Kafkaesque impression of a Hospital passageway, with its usual procession of white-clad figures. He also offers us some journalistic small-talk : Tel-Aviv's central bus station slums on the border which separates Bat-Yam and Jaffa: Hatzkel - the owner of Tel-Aviv's main bohemian café, as he eats his soup at half-past two in the morning: a group of funny-makers, making fun of zealots who protest against post-mortem dissection of corpses, in Israel. And the main role is given to a skull. He also shows a fighting man in uniform, just opposite girl lace and a laughing oldster, opposite a typical jet-set bird.

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