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Menashe Kadishman

  Known for his expressive sheep paintings and minimalist metallic sculptures, Kadishman's work has been exhibited internationally, including prestigious venues like Tate, MoMA, and galleries in Tel Aviv and New York.  His sheep series, inspired by his youth as a shepherd on Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch, are animal manifestations of people he encountered, beautifully merging man and nature.

 From Kadishman's personal estate, we are offering a limited selection of his original paintings, sized 23.63 in (60 cm) x 31.5 in (80 cm). This is more than just an art purchase; it's an opportunity to be part of Kadishman's artistic legacy.

Eitan Agor cell: 917-703-4241

The Archives

"The sheep, to me, is connected metaphorically to soldiers who fell in wars. At the binding of Isaac, there was a ram to replace him. The fallen soldier has no ram to take his place. 'The fallen soldier will never say he loves you'." 

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