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Eitan Agor

Eitan's artistic vision has been shaped significantly by the influence of renowned artists Dani Karavan and Menashe Kadishman. A pivotal moment in his career came with the opportunity to immerse himself in the creative sanctuary of the late sculptor David Fine's studio. Nestled in the heart of Kibbutz Mayan Baruch in Northern Israel, this studio became a crucible for Eitan's development during the initial year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the mentorship of Shaul Sini and with occasional guidance from Calman Shemi and the esteemed Dani Karavan, Eitan honed his craft, weaving the lessons of these masters into the fabric of his own artistic endeavors.


Eitan draws his creative inspiration from the intricate dance of nature and the rigorous curiosity of science, blending these influences into his unique artistic expression. His journey to gather ideas is deeply rooted in his everyday life and the rich tapestry of stories shared by those he encounters. The materials for his art are not sought from far and wide but are instead discovered in the simplicity of his surroundings—among the detritus of agricultural fields and the remnants found at local construction sites where he works.



Eitan is also a passionate photographer, choosing to capture the world around him through the lens of his Nikon FM on 35 mm film. This choice of medium speaks to his appreciation for the tactile and the timeless, engaging with photography in its most traditional form. The process of developing these photographs in the darkroom is as much a part of his artistic expression as the act of taking them, allowing Eitan to intimately connect with every image he creates.

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