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Mostly Motzart 25th Anniversary    1991

ALEXANDER AGOR made his debut at Lincoln Center last month, not with a musical performance but with a show of an innovative form of art. Four years ago, for the 200th anniversary of the death of Mozart and the 25th anniversary of the Mostly Mozart Festival, Mr. Agor, a photographer, took pictures of musicians in rehearsal and performance at the festival. "In the end," he said the other day, "I wanted to do a book, but all the doors shut on me, so I put the project to the side. But I said, 'One day those pictures will show up somewhere. Photographs are forever if they are good.' " The pictures have indeed shown up. Sixteen of them are on display on the lobby and promenade levels of Avery Fisher Hall for the duration of the Mostly Mozart Festival, which continues through Aug. 19. But they have been substantially changed. "Since I took them, I added color, designs and shapes into the photographs and put them on canvas," Mr. Agor said, explaining that he now calls the works "photo paintings." - Nadine Brozan (NYT)

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